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Add a little lemonade to the water in the tree stand, your tree will love it and it will stay glossier for longer!

Nordman Fir

Our bestselling family favourite!  Shiny, green, ‘soft’ needles and the perfect Chritsmas tree shape.  These trees have excellent needle retention and dense branches for lots of decorations!

Norway Spruce

The traditional tree with that wonderful, unique smell of Christmas!  Slightly pricklier than the Nordman, Norways are not as family or pet friendly however, they still remain popular. Better suited to the outdoors, they are not keen on central heating, but for many people they are the only choice!

Blue Spruce

Looking for something a little bit different?  Blue Spruce just might be for you!  All the traditional characteristics of a Norway but with a blue hue.  Frozen fans – The only tree for Princess Elsa!


Nothing compares to the look and scent of a real fresh Christmas tree, Visit us to make your Christmas perfect.

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Our beautiful trees grow for an average of 8 years, cared for by John and his team

For orders or enquiries contact: 01905 621012 or 07740 368689

Traditional Spruce or Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees in Worcester, We are your Local Christmas Tree Grower

We sell Christmas Trees in Worcestershire direct to the public

A huge choice of modern firs and traditional spruces

Here are a few examples of our home grown trees:

Handmade fir wreaths and mantle swags on sale or made to order.​


The vast majority of our trees are grown on the farm – that’s zero tree miles! (Or about 0.3 if you want to be pedantic!)  This means that they are super fresh, being cut every day.

If you cannot find the perfect tree in the shop, speak to one of the team, who will be happy to direct you to our plantation, where you can choose your tree whilst it is still in the ground!  You can’t get fresher than that!

Being so fresh all our trees hold their needles well, however, we must remember they are still perishable!  We strongly recommend using a water retaining stand to keep your tree in tip top condition.

Do not place the tree near to any direct heat source, such as a radiator, it will not thank you!